"The idea is not to show off your skill, use it instead in places people don't see, And always keep finding ways to make improvements. Never stop tweaking- that’s the bedrock of craftsmanship" - quote by a Japanese craftsman 

With continuous support from local craftsmen (and women) we are committed to a maintained visible production. We are based only a short distance to our weaving mills, yarn factories, dyeing mills and production factories in Japan, making possible frequent visits and keeping the production local and close to home. We use high quality yarns which are the base to unique textures, shapes and colors.

Yarn is the beginning.

Sustainability of Craftsmanship

You have probably noticed we use this phrase a lot. Our commitment to sustainability is to produce garments, that last a lifetime.

Our garments are slowly made in Japan. We believe that working closely with the craftsmen we ensure a stable future for them and the future generations.
This is the reason we offer pre order and produce only what has been ordered.

We are a husband and wife team and our passion is to create garments that are high quality from yarn to finish. We don't like talking much about ourselves and would rather have our products speak for us.

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